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Step into the delightful world of Danielle Hanley Hinton, your friendly neighborhood small town librarian who’s all about spreading smiles, creativity, and a touch of magic! 📚✨ You’ll find me in the heart of a charmingly rural countryside, where life’s a story waiting to be lived.

Imagine a place where vintage treasures and handmade wonders come to life – that’s ConstantlyAlice. Inspired by my beloved grandmothers, Constance and Alice, this whimsical shop is like a time-traveling adventure for those who love all things nostalgic.

But wait, there’s more! I also have an online haven called the Word Witch Book Apothecary where I cast my bibliotherapy spells. I’m not “just” a librarian; I’m a literary healer, recommending books that work their magic on your soul – curing any case of the blues.

Books aren’t my only canvas for creativity. With a sprinkle of inspiration from the stories I adore and the nature around me, I dive into various arts and crafts, crafting my own bit of wonder.

In my cozy cottagecore abode, I live with my hubby, two kiddos, and an ever-growing family of creatures. My personal style is Snow White meets quirky chic, and I’m all about dopamine dressing!

So, whether you’re seeking a whimsical read, a sprinkle of creativity, or just a hearty dose of optimism, I hope you’ll find it here with. me. I’m not just a librarian – I’m a storyteller, a magic-maker, and a true believer in the extraordinary. Come join me on my journey – it’s a tale worth living! 🌟📖🪄

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